Developer Program is currently in the process of providing rich material for developers using our technology platform. Stay tuned for future developer updates and added materials to this site. In the interim, please see below for documentation available for immediate download to help you integrate technologies into your application or business.

Web Services

Stamps API Reference Documentation - View Now
This reference guide describes Web Services for individual Meters (SWS/IM). This set of SOAP web services allows integrator-developers to create and control end-user experience with applications customized to fit specific business needs.

SWS How to Get Started - View Now
This document outlines the steps to take when you are ready to begin integrating with the SWS/IM API.

Staging -
Production -


XML Format Specifications - Download Now
This guide provides an overview of’s XML format and describes the XML format that the data from your orders database would need to be exported into. This format is accepted by the client software as a primary input format.


ODBC Guide - Download Now
This document provides an overview of how to setup an ODBC profile in client software. Data can be accessed in a range of formats, including but not limited to Excel, Access, SQL, Oracle and CSV.

ODBC Fields - Download Now
This document provides a list of all fields that can be mapped, both inputs and outputs (post back).

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